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Full Time Travel Begins

by | Dec 9, 2023 | Launching

Full Time Travel – Am I Homeless or Free?

In May of this year, I decided to end my lease and start a long-term travel lifestyle. On December 5th, 2023 I left my apartment and on December 7th I left Atlanta.. for now. I took Lyft to Marta to the busiest airport in the world and flew to Sacramento where I was greeted by my mother and my oldest niece, Sarah.

I don’t feel much different. I would have come here at this time of year anyway so the true impact of fully living out of a suitcase, in various places for short periods will likely not hit me until I leave here for Mexico City.

There is a slight feeling of lightness (although the full-sized suitcase is 38 lbs according to the Delta agent who weighed it. I was sure it was over 50 lbs!)

I traveled with the suitcase (checked!) my small backpack that holds my electronics, a mid-weight jacket, and a purse. It’s still too much and I am sure I will pare down more as I go along.

I’ll be in California for 20 days. I had my first “travel lesson” which was fairly simple and already fixed. I realized that my flight to Mexico City out of Oakland leaves too early in the morning for riding Bart so instead, I booked an inexpensive airport hotel with a shuttle. Mom can drop me off at Bart the afternoon before my flight. This was nothing like the travel lesson I had to learn the hard way in the Summer when I forgot my passport and was unable to fly to Montreal from San Francisco and lost my Airbnb stay there. Several people asked me if I remembered to bring it this time. Hah!

My weeks in Napa will be spent with family and friends. I put on my late dad’s rubber boots to take a hike in the field to see the cows who are boarded here. They are here to bring in some income and more importantly, fire protection. I love to see them when I visit and the view from the hill is different every season. 



Some Photos From Our Napa Ranch